I am Rahel Johanna Varga [r.jv], a sculptress by profession.

My cultural education and intellectual inquiries began in early childhood – the same as for most of us. Growing up in a (relatively) monocultural environment, that contains some religious and traditional elements wearing the fingerprints of centuries, proves the existence of something more profound than the immediate landscape we are surrounded by.

Throughout my studies I became acquainted with various means of artistic expression (performance and visual arts) and acquired strong skills in the fields of communication, writing and criticism.

I like books and films which have more to say than just words (with regards to the language used)

Although I spent most of my life in Hungary, I lived few years in both Spain and England. The years I’ve been living abroad have shaped my perceptions of what ‘being a foreigner’ means and allowed me to appreciate my motherland from a different perspective.

Currently I am a permanent resident of London’s suburb.




Culture is one of the most commonly used words in all languages, however, – what we refer to, when we use it and where its ends are – is oblique.

My principal pursuit is the potential space, where the architecture of culture is; where the link between the individual and the environment can be found; in the space that exists between the inside and the outside.

Kulturkontur is created with a desire to find an alternative path to formal higher education, which do not belong to a single academic discipline, but makes use of the resources of many.

An informal route that draws on a broad perspective of intellectual inquiry. Approaching culture and its contours from distinct viewpoints, it hopes to complement the work of respectable scholars. The roots of the themes discussed here, amongst others, are in the realm of philosophy, literature, anthropology, sociology, urbanism, art, history, architecture and psychoanalysis.

Writing, as a form of learning and checking our own understanding is a matter of importance, regardless which background we come from.




Kulturkontur intends to become a forum, whereby the subject matters are open to and welcome reflective criticism. By reflective it is meant that your remarks are based on, and resonated by, the read content.

Please,  state your agreement or disagreement according to that.

Every piece of writing (article, essay, note) is just a fragment of the whole. In other words – reflections from where I’m standing, that may appear completely distinct from where you are.

Therefore the contribution of the readers and their critique would form an essential part of the project to move forward. Bearing this in mind, the questions raised here hope to encourage you to be part of the journey or even to initiate one.

Following that, the blog would become a ‘unique’ online resource, based on the dialogues – that seems to me a more relevant path to convey ideas, rather than reading ‘monologues’ – unlike other collaborative initiatives where the conversation only takes place behind the scenes.

Kulturkontur provides a space for that.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Fascinating about..Intellect is to understand the worldly journey.Thank you for the visit.Warm regards.jalal

  2. Hi Johanna. I received your invitation to participe in your blog, i like say you: thank you too much. I think that it is very very interesting and really i feel excited of know that in the world there are people that yet worrie for create this beautiful spaces in that you can learn about important themes like the culture. I would like continue reading your blog and i like too that we continue communicating. By, take care

    • Thank you for visiting and for the encouragement to carry on writing. Keep coming back and I hope some day you will contribute to the content with what is yours.

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