Kulturkontur intends to become a forum, whereby the subject matters are open to and welcome reflective criticism. By reflective it is meant that your remarks are based on, and resonated by, the read content.

Please,  state your agreement or disagreement according to that.

Every piece of writing (article, essay, note) is just a fragment of the whole. In other words – reflections from where I’m standing, that may appear completely distinct from where you are.

Therefore the contribution of the readers and their critique would form an essential part of the project to move forward. Bearing this in mind, the questions raised here hope to encourage you to be part of the journey or even to initiate one.

Following that, the blog would become a ‘unique’ online resource, based on the dialogues – that seems to me a more relevant path to convey ideas, rather than reading ‘monologues’ – unlike other collaborative initiatives where the conversation only takes place behind the scenes.

Kulturkontur provides a space for that.


Contribution guidelines under 'About/How'

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