I am Rahel Johanna Varga [r.jv], a sculptress by profession.

My cultural education and intellectual inquiries began in early childhood – the same as for all of us. Growing up in a (relatively) monocultural environment, that contains some religious and traditional elements wearing the fingerprints of centuries, proves the existence of something more profound than the immediate environment we are surrounded by.

Throughout my studies I became acquainted with various means of artistic expression (performance and visual arts) and acquired strong skills in the fields of communication, writing and criticism.

I like books and films which have more to say than just words (with regards to the language used)

Although I spent most of my life in Hungary, I lived few years in both Spain and England. The years I’ve been living abroad have shaped my perceptions of what ‘being a foreigner’ means and allowed me to appreciate my motherland from a different perspective.

Currently I am a permanent resident of London’s suburb.


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