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Cultures of Contour | Struggles of Sisyphus – On repetition

“Those of you who are not familiar with the Greek myth of Sisyphus I would recommend looking into the existing narrations in detail. There are minor differences in the events that happened prior to the well-known punishment, and none of them differ in the outcome.

Whereby Sisyphus was condemned to roll a stone up a steep hill, but could never reach the top of the hill without dropping the stone, which rolled down each time, forcing him to start the process all over again. His punishment was the hardest practice […]”

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Cultures of Contour | Cultivated restrictions

“There are obvious boundaries of human existence, restrictions we are born with and surrounded by, that we can call inherent. Furthermore, there are barriers built and based on the revelations derived from a transcendent source (God). However, most restrictions are man-made, arising from the increasing needs, tend to serve the purposes of […]”

Culture | Soil for the immaterial realm – Mens agitat molem?

“The (relatively) temporary – human body – serves as a tool, through which we relate to the material environment and conducts the processes as they unfold; therefore creating platform for the immaterial to be embedded in the physical, in materia. […] “

Contours of Culture | Experiencing through Traversing Contours

“In common understanding we tend to refer to a country indicating the birthplace of a particular tradition, however, resembling features may appear throughout the land. Those, exceptions to the prevalent practices in their country, are likely to show similarities with other nations’ widespread customs …”

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