Definitions for Contour

Amongst two lighter territories lies the distinctive frontier, that can only exist ‘in the between’. A line, identified as the boundary to determine the extent of form. Contours can appear in visible ways. Either in a flat surface two dimensionally, or as a silhouette of spatial objects; represented by diverse colours floating in light and encompassing shape.

Whereas, invisibly one can only sense where these lines are drawn inside and around. Whether these boundaries first appear in our heads and then projected to the physical-material reality, or the other way round; an originally present physical-material boundary is introjected to the intangible realms of the individual; is debatable and not clear. Even the nature of some lines would require some further investigation.

It is a shifting part, whereby the single matter separates. Division directs attention to the separate parts of the one. Where one thing comes to a decline is the rising point for the other. There is no beginning without an end.

Are we looking at the multiple parts or the separating line between them? Where are we navigating? Which is of interest to us: the borders or the conquered land? Is it possible to know the terrain without being aware of its ends? Or would it be sufficient to define the limits for ourselves in order to stay content within them?


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